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Fellow Acupuncture Practitioners

Below are links to other acupuncture practitioners who may be located more conveniently to your location:

Margaret Stephens (Leamington Spa - UK)
Helen Smallwood (Bedfordshire - UK)
Margaret Olmsted (California - USA)
Nicholas Newton (London - UK)
Louise Webster (Wirral - UK)
Eric Hartmann (Seattle WA - USA)

Other useful complimentary practitioners and related sites

Allergy Testing - Judy Lynam (Dublin)

Mummy Pages

Recommended Reading

Some of the material and quotes from Professor JR Worsley I have on my web site have been taken from the 2 books below, both of which I highly recommend:

Acupuncture - Is it for You? by J.R. Worsley.
(ISBN: 1852300477)

Talking about Acupuncture in New York by J.R. Worsley.
(ISBN: 0906540240)

Recommended Websites

New 5 Element Acupuncture College opening in Sep 2011. College Of Five Element Acupuncture - Ireland

Worsley Institute -

Worsley Inc -

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